Aja Ireland, (born 2nd May 1988) is a singer/songwriter and DJ from the midlands. AJA began recording electronic music whilst studying graphic design at Nottingham Trent university and since then has released an EP with One Bomb, featuring on the song 'Take Over' and 'Roll the Dice'. Known for her energetic performances and dark, explicit lyrics, she uses a vocal effects unit live and fuses live improvised vocals and beats together in her DJ sets. Currently working alongside her fellow producer, Andrew Course, they make bassy electronic beats with glitched up haunting vocals. AJA is responsible for the all design aspects of her brand including logo and live visuals which are projected as part of the performance. Influences are James Blake, FKA Twigs, Dark sky and Azalea Banks.

Press Quotes

Dean jackson: BBC Nottingham

"Loving this…it's incredible"

Left Lion

"She knows what she’s doing and exactly how to get a crowd excited, building up the suspense of her music, waiting to erupt and let all loose...

there’s no denying her fans adore her.

Aja’s stage presence is unblemished, her interaction with her audience lifts the ambience instantly, toying and playing with them as she sings into their eyes. At one point she crawled into the crowd, lying on the floor as she spun her lyrics, she is there to give an energetic, dynamic performance and that’s exactly what she does best."


"As a solo artist she has lent her distinctive voice to acts across the midlands, whilst as a DJ she has proved to be a dab-hand with her in-depth knowledge of the Electronic scene...a very sultry piece of new music"

Nottingham live

"This artist writes/produces her own music, and with an in depth knowledge of electronica and ethereal vocals, her debut EP looks to be a stunner, which is highly anticipated amongst her contemporaries. Her teaser trailer promises an interesting 2014 for this artist, and I will definitely be watching."

Anique Cox (MTV Student of the Year)

"Singer, songwriter and DJ, it doesn't get much better than that! Her tone, the beats, and is that rapping I heard?...Her voice is so enjoyably soothing yet the bassy electronic beats still grasp your undivided attention...with a dark, tech, minimal sound featuring an equally cool and edgy vibe"

Adam Pickering - Sounddism

Coming to Nottingham to study graphic design, Aja soon found herself embroiled in DJing regularly around clubs, producing her own music and lending her voracious live vocals for various local acts but now. Her creativity and innate passion for her craft has spurned the birth of her incredibly assured debut EP - an essential listen - whilst her second to none performance ability amongst the female frontlady fraternity and rounded understanding of electronics poises her perfectly to smash up this solo show.